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  • Bihu Hiking Trail
    distance 2.3 Km Driving time 10 Minute

    Bihu Hiking Trail

    Bihu Hiking Trail is perfect for taking in Taipei’s beautiful nightscape.
  • Jin Mian Shan Trail
    distance 2.3 Km Driving time 8 Minute鐘

    Jin Mian Shan Trail

    Jin Mian Shan is named due to the sunlight shining on the quartz sandstone would have bright and shiny reflection.
  • Baishihu Suspension Bridge
    distance 4.7 Km Driving time 14 Minute

    Baishihu Suspension Bridge

    Baishihu Suspension Bridge is as part of Baishihu Leisure Agricultural Area in Neihu.
  • Dahu Park
    distance 3.0 Km Driving time 9 Minute

    Dahu Park

    Dahu Park is also called “Egret Lake” due to groups of egrets gathering around the lake.
  • Guo Ziyi Memorial Hall
    distance 1.9 Km Driving time 7 Minute

    Guo Ziyi Memorial Hall

    A historical building in Neihu District.
  • Taipei 101
    distance 6.2 Km Driving time 16 Minute

    Taipei 101

    The skyscraper located in Xinyi District in Taipei City.