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About just palace Just find the wonderland

Find the Magnificent and Relaxing Dream Land on the City Map

Just find the wonderland

Brand Introduction

With a gorgeous and stylish design, Just Palace Hotel is located at a shopping area with convenient transportation. Integrate the classic European and modern fashion into the visual style, pursuing various tastes in elegant life. At the endless boundary of the dream land, Just Palace Hotel provides you with services of extraordinary “value” and “quality.”

Service Features


SHARP TVs are provided in the rooms with the functions of checking
messages and flight information, which is convenient for our guests.
Inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and The Travels of Marco Polo,
the business hotel leads travelers to enter a corridor of endless imagination.
Integrating the classic European and modern fashion into the visual style,
Just Palace Hotel has become a popular place on IG!

Neihu’s Jiangnan Street used to be a prosperous ancient road. It is close to
the surrounding mountain and lake trails with many beautiful scenes good
for shooting wedding pictures. Each scene has become the secret place
for traveling experts, waiting for travelers to experience it in person.