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Smart Shopping for Smart People who Love Brand-Name Fashion.
LEECO OUTLET is a chained metropolitan brand outlet that advocates for smart shopping.

With the concept of universalization of brand-name products, the outlet aims to provide companies with a high-quality retail venue and shoppers with discounted and valuable products and shopping space. Since the opening of the outlet, it has attracted 350,000 members to join and built a trust relationship with them. The core value of the outlet is to enable shoppers to enjoy luxury and the taste of life without feeling pressure. It is a kind of common luxury, a kind of non-mediocre and non-luxurious taste.

The outlet is in the same neighborhood with COSTCO Neihu Store and Taipei Flora Market. The outlet has 350 brand-name product and 1200 ping free indoor and outdoor parking space. The floor plan of the outlet is as follows: brand-name product area and café at 1st floor, sports area at the 2nd floor, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, and bedding at the 3rd floor, men’s clothing, outdoor wear, and golf accessories at the 4th gloor, and TOROS The Stake House at the 5th floor.