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Dahu Park

Driving time9Minute

The lake in the Dahu Park is called “Egret Lake” due to groups of egrets gathering around the lake. The park is located at Chenggong Rd. 5th Sec. in Neihu Distrct and close to Bailu Mountain, facing Wujhih Mountain and Zhongyong Mountain. The park takes a total of 13 hectares of land.

In 1979, about 10 hectares of land in the park were built in Chinese garden style that is open for public. The park is surrounded by mountains and waters with the glistening lake and the broad view. The arch bridge on the lake looks like a rainbow. During the spring, the willow trees’ reflection on the lake surface is a beautiful scene. Resting in the gazebo to appreciating the distant and close views as well as the changes of waters and clouds is quite enjoyable. During the season change between summer and fall, the rain and fog creates a scenery like a picture, which was posted on Le Monde in May 2012.