• May / 2024 / 19
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Bihu Hiking Trail

Driving time10Minute
The 1,327-meter Bihu Hiking Trail connects Alley 12, Lane 60, Sec. 3 of Neihu Rd. and Lane 131 of Dahu St. It is inhabited by various species of fauna and flora, such as the Taiwan Blue Magpie, Crested Serpent Eagle, Pallas’s squirrel and the Indian Cabbage White butterfly. The favorable weather, water and soil conditions also enable Taiwan Acacia, Large-leaved Nanmu, ferns and shade-tolerant native plants to thrive in Bihu, which was once a coal-mining boom town under the jurisdiction of the Taiwan Provincial Government.

To illustrate the progress of regional history and culture, a nostalgically simulated Xinfuben Mine, complete with a mine tunnel, rails and cinder-loaded mining cart was launched (at 1k+000) on the footpath. Bihu Hiking Trail is perfect for weekend recreation as it lies close to Mt. Zhongyong, Mt. Liyu, the Yuanjue Temple Hiking Trail, Yuanjue Waterfall, Dahu Park, and other attractions popular with hikers.

With street lighting available along the length, Bihu Hiking Trail is perfect for taking in Taipei’s beautiful nightscape.