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Baishihu Suspension Bridge

Driving time14Minute
As part of the Baishihu Leisure Agricultural Area in Neihu, Taipei City, the 116-meter Baishihu Suspension Bridge spans the Zhongyong and Daluntou mountain systems, and is accessible from the entrance by the parking lot of Bishan (Kaichang Shengwang) Temple. The keel-inspired bridge stretches from the Dragon Boat Rock in the east to Yuanjue Waterfall in the west, connecting four mountains (Baishihu, Daluntou, Zhongyong and Liyu) along the way as if it were a gigantic dragon watching over the scenic Baishihu.

The Baishihu Suspension Bridge features a straight abutment, rather than the towering ones commonly found at similar bridges, which gives it a cable-less and “invisible” style that blends perfectly with the idyllic surroundings. The Baishihu Community on the other side of the bridge boasts a 100-meter Chunqiu Footpath that greets visitors with an ingeniously and professionally engineered horticultural area, besides the unique scenic and ecological resources of farms that produce organic vegetables and strawberries.

Areas around the suspension bridge, including the temple yards, orchards, forest footpath and the lake-strewn wetland, provide terrific places to enjoy blooming flowers and chirping birds. Art workshops and handicraft clinics are also hosted by community elders to pass on Baishihu’s legacy.