• September / 2021 / 18
  • September / 2021 / 19


Gatten Sushi (Neihu Store)

Driving time6Minute

Guests of the popular Japanese sushi-go-around store, “Gatten Sushi No.1 Store in Taiwan,”must to line up to taste the sushi.

Gatten Sushi, having hundreds of stores in Japan, is decorated with Edo period’s traditional atmosphere. Although it serves guests in sushi-go-around fashion, guests can order food by using the tablet on the table. Gatten Sushi offers 8 kinds of colors and 7 types of sushi, ranging NTD$40-188 for sushi-lovers to choose. The carefully-selected ingredients and the professional cooking styles present stunning Japanese sushi.

In addition, the popular feature of Gatten Sushi is the “bidding” atmosphere in the store. Every once in a while, the chief will yell “the best fish is here” in the store and then show the whole salmon or the limited flavor of sushi that is made of fresh fish by the chief.
The lively atmosphere leaves a happy memory in sushi-lovers’dining experience.